710 Labs Candy Chrome


Candy Chrome: Sweet Tooth x Fire OG Bx x Chemdog D x Sour Diesel Candy Chrome is an Indica dominant strain with a pungent and sweet taste. This strain has a very high THC content and is great for anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress. Beware, this strain will leave you feeling hungry, relaxed, and sleepy. Great for evening or nighttime use! 710 Labs is more than industry OGS, They’re standard-setting, award-winning innovators and artists obsessed with quality, expertise, and evolving the cannabis craft. They go above and beyond to deliver the best f#!$ing product you’ll ever try. What are whole buds? Whole buds are trimmed and cured cannabis nugs that are moderate to large in size. What do I need to consume flower? Your favorite pipe, bong, or rolling papers will do. 710 Labs is an award-winning cannabis company that prides itself on making the most flavored, pesticide-free, organically fed, small-batch cannabis on the market. They are the true OGs who hand-select exotic strains from the most renowned breeders. Their top-tier flower goes into all their products and is well known for their premium concentrates.




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